About Us


What is OH Balls!?

Oh Balls! Is the ONLY Meatball Food Truck in Texas. We specialize  in everything balls! Our Meatballs are 100% Beef, Gluten Sensitive, and Keto Friendly! 

Why the Bus?

The bus is unique to the concept for Oh Balls! We wanted something people would remember and who could forget a big red school bus?

Come #rollwithit

Our Goal is to "Break the Stigma" of Meatballs, They Aren't Just Served Over Spaghetti Anymore. Give Us a Try, We Can't Wait to Serve You! 

Who’s Who?


Kent Scroggins-Chef/Owner

Chef Kent is a Fort Worth native currently living on the north side with his beautiful wife Lindsay, daughter Henley, and their Corgi, Sadie. He loves bringing food and people together. He has always felt that God called him to serve, and can't wait to see how He uses the food truck as an avenue to do just that!

Why Meatballs?

 I love how versatile meatballs actually are. Its not just "Spaghetti and Meatballs" here at OH Balls!, I want to break the stigma and introduce different flavors to people who wouldn't normally think of them being in a meatball. 

What is Your Favorite Ball?

That is a tough one, The “TX“ is killer, the sauce is made TX Blended Whiskey and I love pairing it with the creamy cauliflower. The “Bleu“ is also deceivingly delicious. It is rich and a fun twist on the classic Chicken Cordon Bleu, try it, you wont be disappointed!